the heart of Bohemia

      One cannot visit Prague without falling in love with it! This medieval city is lovely no matter the season, but I do not know if it’s because of its colourful baroque buildings, romantic bridges across Vltava river, gothic churches and towers, castle, amazing food, tasteful beer or all the breathtaking views from the Petrin lookout tower; one thing is for sure, we loved it deeply and so will you!

     And since we are honest, my biggest dislike was the fact that so many people around the world know about this city, and some areas are getting packed in the warm season and weekends (Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the castle’s close surrounding); but that mob does not know Prague is much more than that! To lose the crowd you can have a very relaxing strol in the Metronom Park, near the Royal Gardens or in the huge park on the Petrin hill, all this will be seasoned with awesome views.

    If you are a fan of museums, you’ll love that Prague is an open museum; While discovering the city, we got thrills not knowing what we’ll encounter next, another astonishing bridge, maybe a crocked building (like Dancing House), or gold covered one, maybe another few hundred years old statue staring at you or just a modern urban masterpiece, it was a feeling like no other.

    We were so lucky to have Ana and Emi (very dear and close friends of us) here. Prague was their home for 4 years so they had the time to explore every corner of it and presented this wonderful city better than any guide out there. (Thank you, guys!)

We made a special guide for you including best of Prague in photos. Please note that you might need more than 2 days for all of them. (Depending on the transportation: walk or tram. We preferred walking around).

Visit Prague Castle 

Dating from the 9th century the castle was home to many bohemians kings and emperors and nowadays to the president of Czech Republic. Its walls and towers dominate the centre of the city and creates this wonderful view as seen from all over Prague.

The castle is a complex that includes the Gothic St Vitus Cathedral, several palaces, defence towers, gardens and the Basilica of St. George.





St. Vitus Cathedral

The biggest Roman Cathedral in the country St. Vitus is a wonderful example of gothic architecture. It also holds the tombs of many of the bohemian kings Prague had.


Enjoy the view from The Garden Ramparts



John Lennon’s Wall

Dedicated to the biggest peace lover of all times the wall features colorful graffiti art. It was at first a reaction of the young people to communism, but now is a symbol of Prague and a must-see attraction when visiting the Castle region. Tourists can bring their own contribution to this street art.

IMG_2883 (3)IMG_2896 (2)IMG_2882 (2)

Old Town Square



Astronomical Clock

Legend says that clockmaster Hanus build this famous Clock in the 15th century. Many foreigners admired it for a very long period of time, but Hanus couldn’t be convinced to build another one. At one moment, he probably received an offer he couldn’t refuse and was getting ready to make a better one somewhere else.  Being jealous that another town might soon have a similar clock the Councillor blinded him. Hanus climbed the tower and took a small part of this complex mechanism and the clock stopped. After that he jumped from the tower and died.

Tip: Make sure to arrive here at a fixed hour to watch the clock at its best functionality: the statues coming out and the real sound.


Powder Tower Bridge




Charles Bridge

Walk around the Charles Bridge. Prague has many bridges, but Charles Bridge is the most popular there. Though it is really crowded and that may become a minus, if you have patience you can enjoy lovely views, listen to local music bands and discover traditional artists and artisans. I have really loved this Puppet master and his doll playing guitar:)







Walking Around Prague



Learn how to make candies



Take the tram

The real one cause this is a coffee shop 🙂


Municipal House




Sigmund Freud



Letna Park

If you want a perfect romantic photo of Prague featuring a few of its bridges, this is the place to be.  On your way to Petrin Park, Letna Park will surprise you with so many awesome views and perfect spots to shot a great landscape photography.






Petrin Park

This was by far my favourite part of Prague. Ana likes to come here and read or simply relax. There are a lot of benches you can sit and admire this fairytale view. 🙂



Petrin Observation Tower

You can go up and enjoy the most beautiful view of the bohemian Prague. Close your eyes to make sure the image we’ll remain there forever.







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