Fire Island

I have always dreamed about going up in a lighthouse and watch the breathtaking view from up there.

Fire Island Lighthouse

I might have had this dream coming from “A very long engagement“, the movie directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet in 2004 where a young women (Audrey Tautou) is waiting for her fiancé to come back home from war. I remember this scene where she is climbing  the stairs of a lighthouse hoping she will see him coming back.

Window to Amazing

Fire Island gave us the chance to experience that and I will forever keep it in my heart. Loved the view from the lighthouse, loved that we could pin Romania on their museum’s map and all the informations the two volunteers gave us.



Fire Island has a lovely beach with white sand and big waves, wild forest where you can see deers and other small animals living in their natural habitat, great local restaurants and very nice people.



Wild deer on Fire Island

Cars are not allowed on the island and everything is opened only during summer season.

This place is very special for me particularly because this is where I received an engagement ring from my love. On our 10th anniversary we will come back here to celebrate it. Hopefully, the island remains the same: wild and awesome.

Fire Island Lighthouse

Love, Danu ♥

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