Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The Sacred Forrest is home to more than 600 Balinese long-tailed macaques belonging to 4 different species. There are also 3 temples and amazing Hindu art everywhere.

Long Tailed Macaque
Long Tailed Macaque

One Big happy family
One Big happy family

When visiting the Ubud region this Forrest is an interesting place to see. Although the inhabitants are almost “domesticated”, you will see them in a better environment than the Zoo and you can interact with them. The monkeys are very playful, however you should pay attention to a few things before going in:

  • You will need to pay an entry ticket: 40.000 IDR for adults and 30.000 IDR for children.
  • Do not wear long, shiny jewellery pieces or any kind of “bling-bling”. They will be instantly attracted to that and they might attack you in order to steal the shiny thing from you.
  • Pay attention to your camera, this is also subject of stealing as everything that hangs is.
  • food for the animals can be bought on site and you can feed them too, but be aware on the risks.

This place does not offer only a walk among the wild monkeys, but it also offers a special feel of a tropical rainforest climate and amazing landscapes.

Love, Danu ♥