Gili Trawangan – a travel guide in photos

Gili Trawangan is a lovely island located north-east from Bali, very close to Lombok. This place used to be popular among young backpackers all over the world, but now, the small islands are flooded with all sorts of tourists, therefore you can find accommodations to satisfy every taste and need. The site is well known for many things, but I would mention the aquatic activities (underwater ones are even more exciting), the sights are unique at least, the sunset will drop jaws and will bring to life the most stone hearted person.


The only point of entry in this small paradise is the harbour, which is always crowded.

You can start your trip to Gili T by  exploring the island first.

In order to do that you can

  • easily walk (a full tour shouldn’t take more than 2 hours)
  • rent a bike (You can rent one on the main street or ask your hotel for one, most hotels have bikes prepared)
  • or have a special ride with a Ferrari (just guess what that is :)) )


What to do:


You can snorkel all over the island, but we would recommend the North (NE-N-NV) part of the shore, we saw some incredible sea turtles here and not only, very close to the shore. There is more if you are up to! Boat tours will take you to different snorkel places around Gili Meno and Gili Air, the smaller sisters of Gili T.


Scuba Dive

Even if it’s your first time or you are an experienced diver, Gili will amaze you. There are numerous diving clubs on the island, the prices are in the same range, but we would recommend a smaller one instead of the big crowded ones, for a more customer oriented experience. If you’re a first timer don’t hesitate, it’s the perfect place to pop your cherry ! 😛 You won’t regret it.

Paddle Boarding

We didn’t had time for this, but for the lovers out there you can always rent a paddle board and give it a try.

Chill at the beach

In our few days on Gili T we loved chilling out in different places. You can rent a sunbed for a few dollars and spend your whole day here, enjoying amazing foods and freshly cooked fish and sea fruits. Coconuts here are different than what we had in Bali and in other tropical places.



Day trips

You can buy tours to  Mount Rinjani, Komodo island and many other amazing places. The prices are similar around the island.


Island Hoping

There are public boats that leave the island two times per day, around 9:00 A.M. You can buy tickets at the harbour. This way, you can visit Gili Meno and Gili Air, go to the “main land” Lombok, to Bali or the still “virgin” Nusa Lembongan.



Sunset Swing

Did you ever enjoyed watching sunsets? Perhaps in an unique environment?  In Gili you can do that, like in no other place! Huge swings animate the shore from West-NorthWest and it is quite a thrill to try to catch a very nice picture with the sunset. As any thing that worths, you’ll have to stay in line :))

(I wrote about it here:



It is not something recommended here since the shore is full of corals and many people are snorkeling and diving, also boats come and go without a schedule. If you really want to do it, take a boat to Bali, numerous beaches provide a perfect environment for surfers.

Do Yoga in the Morning

For all the yoga lovers, beginners or not, there are many places to start learning how to practice yoga. To sign up for a sunrise session (which is the best) you have to reserve a spot a day ahead at least. The whole island was intended for this, but it got so commercial and the only quiet time is in the morning, at night everything turns to a party. Luckily, for the quiet lovers, you can always go to Gili Air or Meno.



Enjoy a perfect sunset

Tired of being an explorer? This island has the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen.



Eat at the Night Market

If you prefer fancy restaurants and high class chefs, you can have that on Gili T too, but I think the simple life of locals and the Balinese culture needs to be explored properly, I have always said it and I repeat it now, everyone should eat where the locals are eating. In Gili T there is this fabulous place called “The night market” where you can find a great variety of foods starting from the fish caught by the local fisherman to super sweet cupcakes and deserts; it is open every night, in the harbor and it is a must to try it at least!

Watch a movie

Have a movie night at Villa Ombat’s beach cinema. What a perfect idea to end a lovely day spent at the beach. 🙂

Mushrooms everywhere 

The island is known for the party-all-night-long vibe and, at night, the restaurants on the beach turn to party venues with cheap drinks and easy-drugs. (They sell mushrooms, pills and weed- we do NOT recommend any of them.)


Send postcards

Don’t forget to send some love to your family and friends. You can do this by visiting the post office, located in the island’s library. You can buy the postcards from almost every shop and also from the library itself.


Love, Danu ♥