The Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies

We wished on a star to meet the #Fairies ✨ and guess what? Our GPS sent us here: a few km away from the medieval town of Sibiu (this was voted the European capital in 2007 and a must-see for tourists) there is this amazing village that seems to be home for Hobbits more than for people. The houses here are tiny and colorful with small doors (not more than 1.2m wide). Near this village there is the Clay castle built solely from natural and organic materials: clay, sand, straws and water with wooden pillars.


This beautiful place was originally intended to be a small resort but due to its booming popularity, it grew and has now become almost like a museum.  BBC’s report on the little village, coupled with the attention it’s been given through social media, has truly popularised the beautiful destination.




How to get here 

by car—> 43.9 km from Sibiu (50 min drive)


Entry ticket

5 lei (1,09 euro)

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday —> 10:30 to 17:30.


Try visiting during the week; during the weekends this place is crowded and noisy.


There aren’t too many things to do here other than taking in the magical storybook world. Just like in fairytales, amazing experiences come in small and unexpected doeses.

Love, Danu ♥