If you plan a visit to New York City and you have more days to spend than what you need for the main attractions you can consider a trip to Coney Island. We were there during summertime and we had a great day, full of adrenaline and adventure.

Luna Park in Coney Island

It will be a perfect one-day-getaway for the beach and ocean lovers, but also for the adrenaline seekers. You can try the Wonder Wheel (worth a ride – on a clear day you’ll be able to see the Manhattan skyline in the distance), the Cyclone roller coaster and also, very close, in Brighton Beach, is the New York Aquarium.

Fans of traditional amusement parks will love the atmosphere.

Luna Park Coney Island

The beach here is huge with a long pier you can walk along.

Coney Island

Coney IslandConey Island

How to get here:

By subway: It takes about 50 minues to get from midtown Manhattan to Stillwell Avenue  (this is the stop for Coney Island).

Prices: For more informations on the prices and daily schedule please click here:—> Luna Park in Coney Island

Luna Park Thunderbolt

It’s a bit different than anything else you’ll do whilst in New York and the fact it’s just a train ride away from Manhattan means it’s really easy to get to. However, people expecting a Disney-like experience will be disappointed.

Çoney Island New York

Love, Danu ♥